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Misty as an emotional support or comfort companion / robot

There are a lot of references to furry pet robots providing comfort to those around them. While Misty is not comforting to the touch, at least not in the upcoming iteration, she does have the ability to communicate pre-programmed dialogue that the person with her would find comforting. Different scripts could be selected using a Misty app.

I’m thinking that Misty could be calming in settings that can raise people’s level of anxiety. These would include airline flights, supermarket shopping, and so forth. This could be a useful ability for Misty to have at home as well.

At 6 pounds Misty should be relatively easy to transport. My only question/concern is whether Misty could be set to vocalize through Bluetooth earbuds rather than speaking out loud. I don’t think vocalizations that others could hear would work well on an airplane, for example.

And, Daria says that Misty II will have this Bluetooth ability :grinning:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! The first time when I hold a Misty, I really feel that I am holding a cute pet. For me though, I always want my robots to accompany my furry pet if I am not at home because it’s harder to let a kitty/puppy tell if it’s a lively friend or a robot.