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Misty as a Robot Friend & Companion Robot

Hi hope so much Misty will come as Companion and Entertaiment Robot somedays! :slight_smile: Connect People and Fans all over the World with a great Future. I love social Robots :slight_smile:


This was one of a number of ideas that I was telling Allison about yesterday or the day before. The problem with previous companion robots was a lack of continuing entertainment. The robots lacked longevity and were limited to what could be done out of the box. To make the robots affordable, many shortcuts were taken. I’ve followed robotics since the 1980s. This is the first robot with real potential for greatness. It certainly has the most computing power I’ve ever seen.


The key to successful companion robots is incremental steps and not overpromising. Definitely quite challenging, but I see a path from semi-Wizard of Oz to full autonomy through logs and learning. Join the socially assistive robot/ Fine Art Miracles conversation :blush::robot:!