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Mission: Share your Hello World Skill


Mission Objective: Share a video of Misty running your completed Hello World skill, and fill out a quick survey about the tutorial experience.
Mission Type: Challenge
Est. Time to Complete: Less than 1 hour
Rewards: Complete the challenge anytime to receive the “Hello World” community badge. Submit your video & survey response before the end of the round to be entered in a chance to win great prizes.
Round 3 Launch: 11/15/2019
Round 3 Ends: 12/6/2019


After you finish the Hello World training mission, we want to see the results. We’d also like to hear about your experience completing the tutorial series, so we can use your feedback to improve Misty’s documentation.


Your mission, Misty developer, should you choose to accept it, is to record a video of Misty running your completed Hello World skill code. Make sure to capture her reaction when she recognizes your face. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, or wherever you’d like, and share a link in this thread. Don’t forget to share your project on social using #MistyMissions. When that’s done, take a few minutes to fill out our Hello World survey!


To complete this mission, you must share a video of Misty running your Hello World skill in a reply to this thread and submit a response to the Hello World survey.

Everyone who submits an entry will earn a “Hello World” community badge. Submit your entry before 10/4/2019 to have your name entered in the first round of a drawing for some great prizes. We’ll announce the winner the following week.

If you can’t submit an entry by 10/4, don’t worry. We’ll open another round of this mission soon after the first round is over, and anyone who didn’t already participate will be eligible to win.

Bonus: If you modified your Hello World skill (maybe you swapped out the image and audio assets in the sample code, changed Misty’s reaction to face rec events, or added new functionality altogether), we want to see how you made it your own! Follow the instructions in the skill sharing template to share your code with the community, and we’ll enter your name in the drawing twice. Share a link to your skill topic when you reply to this thread.


If you’ve not yet completed the Hello World training mission, start there. Additional resources below:

Mission Support

Hit a roadblock? Find a bug? Have feedback? Let us know! As Misty’s earliest developers, you are the real superstars on the journey to making personal robots a reality. Your creativity makes all this possible, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Reply to this post to start a conversation with a member of the Misty team.


Ok I completed the Hello World Mission. It was fun. I had already been playing with most of the pieces but it was fun to walk through. I did add some assets and updated the code to recognize my wife separately but its not really worth sharing. Here is the link to the video
Misty Hello World Mission

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Awesome! Thanks and #FirstSubmission

I would still encourage you to share the skill regardless of how simple in the Misty Skills topic as that will ensure full Mission completion. :slight_smile: A simple link to a Github repo or pasting the skill code in will suffice.

Just created an entry in the Skill thread as the Bonus part of the mission suggested. I just added it as a public GitHub repository and gave the link. Not sure you want tons of minor variations on the one skill so maybe there is a better way to stack them. It was fun let me know if you need anything else from me. Looking forward to the other missions you were talking about. Also working on a few other ideas on skills I hope to get up when I have time.

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Thanks for joining the challenge, @seymour! As the sole submission this round, you are the clear and easy winner. The Round 1 prize is a Sphero SPRK, so your Misty II will have a small and round robot companion. We’ll contact you in a private channel to confirm your address & shipping details :slight_smile:

For the rest of the community, this mission is now open for Round 2. Share your video and survey response before 11/1/2019 for a chance at the Round 2 prize! :gift: :robot:


Thank you Johnathan!

Awesome job @seymour ! I am trying to catch up. See my Hello World skill at Misty Skill: Display Home Energy Monitor Info and let me know what you think.


Here’s my short video. I didn’t change much of the code. I only lowered the volume because 100 was loud and I also sped up arm and head movements. Other than that it’s exactly as the tutorial is.


Dig it. Thanks for sharing, @ScottC!

Hi @ScottC,

We’ve chosen your entry as the winner for Round 2! The prize this round – you guessed it – another Sphero SPRK (we know a guy :wink: ). We’ll contact you in a private channel to confirm your address & shipping details. :robot:

We’re launching another round of this mission for all the backers and developers who’ve received robots in the past few weeks. Misty’s Hello World tutorials are a great way to start learning about her capabilities, and we hope this mission will serve as a launchpad for future skills and ideas. After you finish the tutorials, take the survey and post your video in this thread for a chance at a SPRK of your own :cloud_with_lightning: :gift:

Just making sure @2Alpha’s entry gets tracked. Here’s a link to the Hello World survey, if you have a few minutes to share some feedback and help us improve the getting started experience :slight_smile: