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Mission: Misty Dance-Off!


Mission Objective: Code the best dance skill for Misty!
Mission Type: Competitive
Capabilities Exercised: Spatial Awareness, Programmable Personality
Proof of Completion: Share your skill code in the Misty Skills section
Rewards: Complete the challenge anytime to earn a community badge. Submit your skill code & video before the end of the round for a chance to win a prize. We’ll announce the winner the week after each round ends!
Est. Time to Complete: 4-5 hours
Launch Date: 11/1/2019
End Date: 11/15/2019


Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to code the best “dance” skill for Misty.

There are a number of ways you can approach this challenge. You might choose to coordinate movement commands by looking at the data Misty streams from her actuators. Or maybe you choose to register a number of timer events and “schedule” movement in your timer event callback functions. You can change Misty’s display image, blink her LED, and invoke locomotion commands to add more style to her movement.

When you’re ready, share your code in the Misty Skills section of the community. Upload a video of Misty running your “dance” skill to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, or wherever you’d like. Post links to your skill and video in this thread when you’re done. (Don’t forget to share your project on social media with the #MistyMissions tag!)


  • Misty can dance to any kind of music you like. Whether your robot is dancing salsa, waving glow sticks at a rave, or waltzing across the ballroom floor is up to you!
  • There’s no requirement for your skill to make use of any specific commands or event types in this challenge. There are a number of approaches to coordinating movement in a dance skill, from subscribing to actuator position data to registering timer events and scheduling specific actions. We’re interested to see how you use Misty’s API to solve for coordinated movement in your skills, and your feedback on the API will help us improve this functionality!

Submission Requirements

  • Your “dance” skill code, shared in the Misty Skills section of the community
  • A link to a video of Misty running your dance skill

Entries for Round 1 must be in by midnight on November 15, 2019. The Misty team will choose the best dancing skill the following week.


For an introduction to Misty’s head and arm movement capabilities, check out the training mission we’ve paired with this challenge.

Mission Support

Hit a roadblock? Find a bug? Have feedback? Let us know! As Misty’s earliest developers, you are the real superstars on the journey to making personal robots a reality. Your creativity makes all this possible, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Reply to this post to start a conversation with a member of the Misty team.

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There are still a few days left to submit an entry for the first round of the dance-off. Don’t let @phillip.vinhha’s Misty steal the competition! :wink:

For anyone who missed it, @morningR’s double entry – a waltz and a mosh – can be seen in the Misty Skills section.

Thanks to @phillip.vinhha (Misty Dance Skill) and @MorningR (Waltz or Mosh) for sharing your code, posting videos, and leaving it all on the dance floor. We’re happy to announce @phillip.vinhha as the first round winner! :confetti_ball: :robot: :dancer:

As a token of your victory, we hope you’ll accept a Misty-fied baseball cap and $50 to Adafruit. (It wouldn’t be disappointing in the least to see you spend this on supplies for building a custom disco ball attachment for Misty to bring the next time she has a night on the town.) We’ll contact you privately to confirm sizing and shipping details.


We’ll be opening this mission up for another round in the weeks to come. For now, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to submit an entry for Misty’s Hello World challenge for a chance to win a Sphero SPRK :cloud_with_lightning: . Round 3 of the Hello World challenge will close on 2019-12-06T07:00:00Z.