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Mission: Contribute to the Misty-Concierge-Template Project on GitHub

Mission Objective: Contribute to the Misty-Concierge-Template on GitHub for a chance to win some Misty gear!
Mission Type: Competitive
Launch Date: 1/30/2020
End Date: 3/13/2020


Now that you’ve completed the training mission and learned how to use the concierge application template to build a basic robot concierge skill, we want you to take the next step and contribute to the Misty-Concierge-Template project on GitHub!

Not sure what to contribute? Check out the conciergeFoursquareTemplate in the repository for an example of how you can help the project grow.

The skill code for the conciergeFoursquareTemplate integrates the base template with the Foursquare Places API. This twist on the base template gives Misty the ability to recommend nearby places, food, and services. It uses a customized Dialogflow agent with a predefined intent that, when activated, returns information describing what the user wants information about. In the skill code, we inject this information into a request on the Foursquare Places API, and Misty uses the response from Foursquare to recommend a few options to the user.

The Foursquare template focuses on information sharing, and it’s just one example of the utility that Misty as a robot concierge can provide. Here are a few other examples of what you can do with Misty when you extend the base concierge template with point-of-sale systems, IoT integrations, messaging APIs, and other third-party services:

  • Have Misty help order event tickets, book reservations, or help with room service orders.
  • Put Misty to work arranging transportation by having her help book cars or taxis
  • Build an extension for the concierge skill that lets Misty tell stories and jokes, share fun facts, and play games.
  • Use Misty as a personal messenger by coding her to transcribe text messages to send to your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Have Misty communicate with other IoT services to become the control hub for your smart devices.
  • Employ the robot as a personal assistant who can check your calendar, update your to-do list, and create reminders.

With the web at the edge of her printed circuit boards, Misty can bring value to industries as diverse as healthcare, eldercare, hospitality, retail, real estate, education, marketing, and even museums. We want Misty’s community of developers to blaze the trail for the future of robots working alongside us by creating new projects that showcase what a robot concierge can do. When you have an example you want to share, submit a pull request to grow the collection of examples in the Misty-Concierge-Template repository. We hope to see this repository become a library of samples that developers and technologists can use to accelerate Misty’s effectiveness in the workplace!

Submission Requirements

Submit a pull request against the Misty-Concierge-Template repository by midnight on March 13, 2020 to be entered in the drawing.


All entries will be entered to win a drawing for some gear from the Misty “swag” store!

Mission Support

Hit a roadblock? Find a bug? Have feedback? Let us know! As Misty’s earliest developers, you are the real superstars on the journey to making personal robots a reality. Your creativity makes all this possible, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Reply to this post to start a conversation with a member of the Misty team.

Thanks to all who have been experimenting with the template and sharing your feedback with the Misty community over the past several weeks!

The prize this round goes to @wspeerbrecker for contributing an entirely new C# implementation of the concierge template. In addition to giving Misty’s C# developers a version of the template to work with, @wspeerbrecker’s contribution adds new features that don’t exist (yet) in the JavaScript templates, and provides several top notch examples of how you can extend the template by integrating external APIs into your skills. You can read more about @wspeerbrecker’s C# implementation of the concierge template in the template thread on this site, or download the code from GitHub to try it out for yourself.

Thanks, @wspeerbrecker, for all of the effort you put into this project, and for your willingness to share your work with the Misty developer community. We’ll be sending some Misty #swag your way to commemorate your participation. :robot: :tshirt:

The concierge template is always improving, and it’s never too late to contribute. Join the conversation to collaborate with other Misty developers on this project!

Feel free to contact me on the forum if you need help setting up and configuring the C# implementation. I will gladly help anyone interested in using the template.


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