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Microphone doesn't seem to be working?

hi there. I’m having trouble getting the microphone to pick up anything at all.
in the command center, when I try to record an audio, for example test.wav, and later download it, the file is not available. and when trying the audio localization feature it doesn’t seem to be registering anything.

any tips or ideas to track this down & fix it?

Robot Version:
Sensory Services Version: 1.16.0
Windows OS Version: 10.0.17763.253

Hi Peter,

A good first thing to check is to make sure that you installed an Android patch that came out earlier this year. One of the things this patch addresses is a microphone failure in some scenarios.

Have you installed this?

You can check that it is installed by looking at the “androidOSVersion” field in the data returned from “Get All Device Info” in Command Center. If the patch is installed you should see:
androidOSVersion: “OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026-scripts1.0.1-patch1.0.5”