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Metal gear servos and brushless motors

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Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions or suggestions about parts used in Misty. I used to own a hobby business for several years and have purchased many toy grade robots over the years. As a hobby shop owner, I can tell you most ground based products are mostly plastic with weak motors, poor electronics, and worst of all, plastic servos connected to plastic transmissions or differentials. We are in the middle of a problem with a Christmas gift at the moment. Alpha Training Blue from Mattel. They went too cheap on the dinosaurs non removable lithium ion battery. The biggest mistake of all, plastic servos, 7 of them. Reports are now surfacing from customers about issues. Most stem from stripped gears in the servos. The average consumer doesnt know a thing about electronics and dont know whats happening.

I bring this example up because, while its more expensive, steel or titanium gears are extremely important. Maybe you can also put brushless motorsin Misty and a nice high Mah 4S 50C replaceable battery? I really want to see Misty Robotics and your parent company do well in the marketplace for developers and consumers. Please look into higher quality gears so you don’t end up with a future flop like Mattel is facing.

I can tell you that we aren’t using titanium motors at this time. I’ll see if I can get some more informed people to weigh in here.

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Hi @Valijon! Thanks for the suggestion. We did significant research on motor selection and have been pleased with the longevity and performance of our motors. While we did not end up choosing brushless motors and drivers for Misty, we did choose brushed motors with coatings that are specific for longevity. We also tested and discovered that the added weight of metal gearboxes and the requirements that go with them were not justifiable. One thing to note is all of our motors are clutched so damaging the gears should be a very rare occurrence.

As for the battery, while it is not glued in or secured in any permanent way, we recommend not replacing it with other batteries as it is specific to the requirements of the robot. We will have the ability to just replace the battery in the future, but we will recommend only using Misty Robotic’s batteries.

And finally, I think you’ll discover that all of the Misty Components will be orders-of-magnitude higher quality than what you’ll find in the product you referenced :slight_smile:


Using replaceable batteries will be a big boon for everyone. Non replaceable lithium batteries in toys and smartphones is a bad idea. Lithium batteries degrade at varying rates. With smartphone manufacturers, I suspect this is part planned obsolescence, part water resistance, and slimmer design.

Its great to know that you’ve gone with a clutch system. Are there photos of this that we can all view? The clutch along with high torque motors and thicker plastic should keep Misty rolling for a long time.

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We don’t have any photos of the clutch or motors, but we do have a Misty II Teardown video that I think you’d find interesting!


Thank you for the link to the video. At the end, the teardown didnt show enough of the components in the base. The video very quickly displays the battery compartment and ends with the message to come here.

Sounds liek a request for a more in-depth teardown video. Could be pretty fun!

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It absolutely is! I feel that many people would be interested in an “exploded” view of the parts in the base.

@Lenn perhaps this is something you and @miles take on when your lives are less busy with getting a robot ready to ship :slight_smile:

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We can certainly create some more detailed renders of the chassis/motors/gearboxes. Might be closer to launch though. Metal gears and brushless motors certainly would have been snazzy, it’s great to get ideas for how we can improve Misty, please keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

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What are your limitations regarding modularity? If not the next iteration, one beyond that. Looking at smartphones and computers, theres always a core group that wants the best processing power they can get. Maybe you could design a slot in the head of chest for more ram or processor upgrades. I was thinking a slim design that would pull forward or up. The pcb would reside inside the way car audio was once created. Where the entire unit can be locked or unlocked and removed. You could standardize the case to keep R&D costs down, costs for molds etx.

I like the way people are working on new arms for Misty. By having more removable parts, this could expand Mistys longevity and capabilities.

Outside of this, I feel steps for a consumer version could include upgraded cameras, IR sensors, and microphones. Voice recognition has been a problem for decades. Even today, some of your competition has finished products with poor hearing ability. Does Misty include gesture recognition? A host of various voice activated programs would pique consumer interest.

I feel that most home robots have failed because of a lack of features. Leading to a lack of engagement and boredom.

These are the best ideas I have at the moment. I don’t know how expensive or difficult any of this would be to implement.

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