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Mapping does not create thorough maps for me

I have been playing around with the mapping skill and I haven’t been able to create a map anywhere close to as fast or thorough as what is shown in videos. I’ve followed the tips provided as best as I can (staying 1 meter away from walls, moving slowly, level head, etc) but it just doesnt seem to map very well. Are there any other settings I could tweak to make mapping work better? I saw that changing exposure and gain is an option but I don’t know how to view the SLAM video to know if that needs to be changed. In the video they show the 3d map as it is being made, is this possible? How can I view a picture taken by the fisheye lens? For reference, this is the best map I have been able to make so far.

Do you have patch001 installed?

You can use Command Center to take a photo from the fish-eye camera in the “Perception” section. It’s labeled as “Wide-Angle Camera”

It is a bit of an art to getting really good maps. I’ve gotten the best by driving really slowly in a pattern like… drive forward 3-10 feet (depending on the space), then doing a slow 360 degree rotation, then slowly turn to the new direction you want to drive, repeat…

Yea I do have patch001, it honestly didn’t seem to make much of a difference though. I actually also have patch2, which I didn’t even know existed until the support team sent me it by email. That seemed to make Misty find her pose more quickly but I couldn’t really tell if it changed anything.

That’s sad though, I feel restricted with the mapping capabilities especially since in the video it looked like it generated the map so thoroughly and quickly. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t map open areas very well. It will usually map the walls and obstacles but not open areas.

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