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Making Misty More Visible

I almost stepped on Misty this morning. Maybe Misty needs a foam pennant or an infrared triggered bell or buzzer.

I hear you, @miker! I find the black Misty I robots to be hard to notice in my dim home, myself. My Misty II will have two advantages that my Misty I does not: (1) When she’s not active, she’ll most likely be on her charging pad, and I’ll have that positioned somewhere out of a traffic area, and (2) she’ll be white.

I have the same issue with my black cat, whereas my white one is exceedingly easy to spot (mostly because he’s always at the food dish). :smiley_cat:

I filled out an email questionnaire from Misty Robotics on the 13th asking me what color Misty II I would like. I chose black but now I see that you are correct and white would be a better choice. Is there any way I can change my choice?

@miker, yes, absolutely. Best method is probably via email to our support address. @Daria will help you out. :slight_smile:

@miker, I will look up your profile and will make a change there, no worries!

I’ve been thinking about those flags that fly on bikes - the orange ones. Seems like an easy 3D printer project for the arm, head or backpack (Misty II) or maybe something clamped on to the Misty I exoskeleton. @Chris any thoughts on how to get something simple shared in a repository?

They make glow-in-the-dark stickers in various shapes (e.g. stars) for children to stick to their ceiling, so they have something to look at before bed. If you don’t mind adding a few to your Misty 2 robot (and/or the charger), these stickers are a potential low-cost option to solve your “visibility at night” woes.

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