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Machine Artwork


Very cool! I would love to see someone write a skill to do this with a Misty robot!

It reminds me of the drawings that resulted from using a spirograph as a child (Spirograph - Wikipedia).

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Instead of creating the artwork, here’s a case where the machine is the artwork.

Although a ladder might be a simpler way to thwart a wall, the artist felt that the robot better symbolizes unity and peace.


“Patrick Tresset is a London based artist who develops and presents theatrical installations with robotic agents as actors which are evocations of humanness. Tresset’s installations use computational systems that introduce artistic, expressive and obsessive aspects to robots’ behaviour. These systems are influenced by research into human behaviour, more specifically how artists make marks that depict, how humans perceive artworks and how humans relate to robots. Tresset develops robots and autonomous computational systems to produce series of drawings, paintings and animations.”


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