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Low battery levels?



Does Misty lose certain functionalities as the battery level gets lower? It seems like under 7.4 battery level, the WiFi gets disconnected (aka the app loses connections) or the motors stop working? I’m able to control some things like LED changing, audio file playing, and screen image changing. So I’m wondering if battery level correlates with features availability. Or does the companion app need to be connected securely for hardware (motors and cameras) to work?



Hi Wendy,

Misty 1 does lose functionality as the battery level decreases. The first to go will be the 820 SOM, which controls the cameras, mapping and wireless connection. Locomotion will also fail as the battery continues to drop. The 7.4 volt level could cause the issues you have mentioned. Hope this answers your question.


Thanks Dustin! I’ll keep that in mind.