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Lots of sites are down at Misty - JavaScript SDK and Skills page

JavaScript docs are down here:
Skills site is down here:

up on my side. currently I can visit and use:

I am connecting from SF bay area.

The problem here is that the above URL is broken. The Misty docs have evolved, and not all old URLs were setup to redirect, which I guess is why you are getting “not found” on a URL that worked previously.

Sadly creating redirects for old URLs is time intensive for their docs build system, so I would assume it is not going to happen in some cases. The new JS skill architecture link is https://docs.mistyrobotics.com/misty-ii/javascript-sdk/javascript-skill-architecture/

The problem here is that you are using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Try instead to go to http://sdk.mistyrobotics.com/skill-runner/index.html

The command center Skills tab links to the https skills site.

When I look at the HTML code of the Command Center, the “skill runner” tab links is defined as <a class="nav-link" href="../skill-runner/index.html">Skill Runner</a>. In particular, it does not explicitly request the HTTPS scheme.

My guess is that your web browser is guessing the HTTPS scheme, and HTTPS is broken for sdk.mistyrobotics.com in the sense that it should redirect users to HTTP but instead just fails.

This kind of web browser behavior is known to cause trouble in some cases like this one, for example, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5884595