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Looks like Spot Mini will be a platform soon

On the good side, we appear to be on the right track with our Robots as Platform strategy.


I haven’t heard Boston Dynamics mission stated out loud before:

"Our grand mission, our aspiration, which is to make robots that are equal to or greater than people or animals"

Also, this video is packed with awesome quotes!

“[The Solution to movement] was to decompose the control problem into many separate controllers that operated in many different regions of state space. That allowed us to have both programmers work on multiple solutions to the problem and also have the complexity of each controller simplified by only having to operate in a small part of the dynamic space.”

“We don’t build controllers that just do one particular thing, but that they can determine where they are in the execution and adjust what they’re doing in order to compensate for disturbances in the real world.”

“I think that one of the most important ways of getting to autonomy is to have the low level implementations very robust to disturbances so that the planning steps don’t have to take care of all the minutia of the details of the real world.”

“We’re up to 70-80% of the types of stairs and access places we encounter after collecting data and making adjustments”


I also realized that this video was probably shot before Google sold Boston Dynamics to Softbank (He said the company is 25 years old and started in 1992, putting this video somewhere in 2017) I wonder if that might change what might be released?

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