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Linux! Do you use it? Do you like it?


Hey everyone! I am a huge Linux nerd (primarily Debian, Ubuntu and some Centos) and I am curious if anyone out there is also a Linux nerd. Do you use Linux? What flavor(s) of Linux do you use? What do you use it for? Do you like it? If you do not, why and what platform/os do you like better?


Linux is an excellent environment for many reasons. I use it on a Dell XPS13 that came with Ubuntu preinstalled. A great device when one needs to access the underlying storage device and file systems. Plus the power of command line pipes in conjunction with all of the powerful search and edit commands is unparalleled elsewhere.

Linux is the default environment on the popular Raspberry Pi. The combination of free software and inexpensive hardware make for a great base for creating all kinds of interesting and useful IoT devices including wikis, personalized electronic wall calendars (see, surveillance cameras and ad blockers.

Linux on Amazon servers, particularly the easy to use Lightsail virtual servers, makes a wonderful and inexpensive start for creating cloud-based services. This would make a great companion to Misty particularly for those organizations or individuals that would want total control over their servers. For example, one might create a server that would accept text from Misty, convert it into an image and send it back to Misty for display. Or establish a database that could be queried and updated from Misty.


Thanks for the response miker! This is really awesome :grinning:


I have a computer that runs Ubuntu. It is a dedicated machine to control CNC mills and lathes. The system works awesome. I’ve been told that Linux is preferred due to timing critical application needs. I could be wrong though.