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Known Issues Category?

I wonder if a Known Issue section of this forum would be a good idea. And point to that from the Quick Start guide. @donna?

I like Known Issues, as long as they stay updated. Would it be a top-level category or would it be inside Support or Misty Development or…?

I like it as a sub category of either Support or Bugs. Thoughts @Chris and @Donna?

I like the idea a lot, not sure exactly how I’d expect to see it presented though…

That being said, I think a sub category under support makes sense (That’s probably where I’d look for it).

I also agree that we should link to it as part of the onboarding/initial setup (setting expectations for what currently doesn’t work should lead to less frustration for early users)

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Aaaand, ship it!

Meaning, let’s use Support as the parent category. I’ll update the doc and see if I can’t create the category.

And it is done.

Closing this thread.