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Jumpstarting the social robotics market

“Vector is setting the wrong expectations, Aibo is an overpriced toy, and neither really solve a wide-scale problem. These three mistakes continue to permeate social robotics for the home. We are years away from welcoming social robots into our homes that meet expectations and don’t break the bank.”


I’d not heard of the Aflac duck robot they mention as a positive counter-example, but I do see their point after watching this video:

We need more animal robot - robot animals!

Yeah, Sproutel ( does some pretty awesome stuff. Jerry the bear (their first product) is a fantastic example of how to use ‘learning by teaching’ and technology.

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I agree with @Dan. I’ve had some success in keeping Vector active but he still seems very limited to me.
Here is a very recent link that presents Vector’s future near-term possibilties Scroll down to the bottom to see the list.

Some may come from his upcoming integration with Alexa. Perhaps this will make Vector more useful but I have my doubts.