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Jibo social robot: where things went wrong


Latest report on woes for Jibo…


This is a sad cautionary tale.
While I did not purchase a Jibo I had been rooting for Breazeal since it was announced. I have followed her and her career for some time.

In my opinion this was an issue of announcing way to soon. I totally get it though. They had something great and was so excited about it as I would have been.

And as I am now about Misty!


The Jibo story is sad for so many reasons - especially for the emerging consumer/prosumer robotics industry. Cynthia and our own Dan Grollman are among a handful of people who have done a great job to advance the interactivity of robots.

IMHO the story went wrong in a series of ways – including how much money they raised (which put pressure on increasing revenues), what market they went after (consumer rather than prosumer - a result of need for more revenue), announcing early, not having a clear track-record of putting product into the market, etc…

It’s also a bit scary in the sense of China’s billions-of-dollar investment into robotics that the company wasn’t bought by someone for some amount of money before they let all the talent go. I worry for the US’ competitiveness in robotics when there’s such a lack of capital towards robots that multiple years of tremendous engineering work at Jibo may go fallow.


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