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Jaguar Land Rover's prototype driverless car makes eye contact with pedestrians

I’m so glad to see this is actually becoming a thing - the importance of social interaction!

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And 2 years ago, there was also:

also reported at New Self-Driving Car Tells Pedestrians When It’s Safe to Cross the Street - MIT Technology Review

my providing the link is not to suggest that the claims therein are accurate. instead, I only want to indicate there is prior work on creative interaction with pedestrians. in particular, “‘the company is unique in applying machine learning to both driving and human interaction.’” is false, depending on what she meant by “human interaction.”

I tend to never take claims in news or marketing copy seriously. CHIP as “The world’s first lovable robot dog?” C’mon.

But, seriously - yes, there’s been a lot of work in autonomous car - pedestrian interaction (and smooth car-rider interaction), but almost all major car companies and startups that I’ve talked to relegate such goals to a secondary or even tertiary concern. Like many robotics companies, they’re primarily concerned with achieving ‘basic functionality’ first, neglecting the fact that smooth and intuitive interaction with the humans in a robot’s environment is, in fact, part of functionality.

I’m just pleased to see a major automotive company taking on this work and touting it.