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Is there a way to debug/and test a skill without Misty?

I’ve just begun working through the docs related to writing a skill. But Misty hasn’t arrived yet.

So is it possible to test/debug a skill (js and json file pair) without Misty?

The docs mention Skill Runner, but that’s restricted. And it also says that it’s purpose is to upload a skill and uses it to control Misty – who isn’t here yet.


May I introduce you to @slivingston :slight_smile:

(aka - check out

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Hi Ben,
I hope he succeeds.
But his effort seems directed to Misty I, so for now, the answer is no for Misty II.

As an aside, I’m not a fan of outside efforts … too often … almost always … they are great ideas that would be wonderful if fully integrated with the main effort. But in truth require more effort than a single individual can sustain. Especially when it comes to maintaining it once others become dependent on it.

But that’s just me. This effort could be, and I hope it is, very different and very successful.

Time will tell. Always does.

Actually the answer is “yes” for Misty II Field Trial robots; e.g.,

If you are interested in trying it, send your preferred user name to so I can create an account for you. (If email is not convenient, other media are feasible; let me know.)

rerobots is not an “outside effort.”

@slivingston I think what @piikoicoder is referring to is “third party” v “first party” efforts (correct me if I’m wrong).

From our vantage, creating an amazing robot platform will require a mega-village. There isn’t a company that can amass the resources to “build it all”. True, the area of “tooling” (v use cases for Misty) might seem closer to home, but even there I’m a fan of lots of third party efforts. As a member of Apples third party team from year 3 to 10 of the Mac, there were lots of successful third party tool companies.

While not all third parties will succeed (which is one of the risks you talk about - and is real), if we all work together and do what we are best at then this platform can thrive.

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Hi @tenwall

Thank you for your addition, because I’m sure all that you say is true. And you know far more about the development than I’ll learn for a long time…

But for what it’s worth, it still seems important to mention that while third parties made great use of the Apple platform, and contributed greatly to its financial success, Apple retained iron clad control over the design and implementation of the platform itself. Still does I think.

Therefore, to me it seems that if how the Apple platform was developed is used as an analogy, it argues for the same iron clad control over Misty’s development by those who envisioned and began it. How it’s shared later seems different

But that’s just me, so I’ll wait to see how things unfold.

And in the meantime occupy myself with my little attempt at my first skill … and the surprisingly many, ever-expanding, list of little details that weren’t apparent when I began.

Like how to start an On Robot API Skill when Misty boots up.

I mean if it can’t do that, I can’t register my skill to listen to anything … like motion related events … and will never get to Will Robinson’s autonomous “Class M-3 Model B-9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental ControlRobot” from the original Lost in Space.

Therefore, thank you again … as I head back to my first step (grin … bottom rung) of my own learning curve. Grin … and maybe join you at the top someday. Just not this week for sure.

Misty will be able to start skills when she boots up. We’re working out the details of how autonomous skill execution will work when Misty ships, and how the software updates that follow shipment will improve it. You won’t find much about this in the public documentation until we’re a bit further along :wink:.

One possible scenario is that developers will be able to specify different startup rules in the skill’s meta file, one of which would indicate that Misty should start that skill as soon as she boots up. But I don’t mean to derail this topic. If you have ideas about how you’d like to see autonomous skill execution work, we’d love to open a new thread :slight_smile: