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Invasion of the Personal Assistants!


In this article, they discuss nine personal assistants coming to homes in the 2017-2018 time range.

  1. Jibo - Most Social
  2. Kuri - Best Home Navigating Companion
  3. Buddy - Best Multi-functional
  4. Plen Cube - Most Portable
  5. Aido - Best Family Friend
  6. Professor Einstein - Best Educational Robot
  7. Cutii - Best for Seniors
  8. Olly - Best Personality Development
  9. Aristotle - Best for Babies

Which personal assistant are you most excited about? Is there any functionality that personal assistants don’t currently have that you would like to see added in future versions?


Out of that list, the robot that gets me most excited is probably buddy. My reason for that is his ability to project onto walls. What would have been a blank wall could turn into an entertainment center, small workout space, or a great study space with the ability to project lectures. Depending on how good the projector is, you might even say goodbye to TVs in the house.

I’m not expecting much out of a robot with personality just yet. Jibo is apparently the most social but I still find it awkward to talk to because he lacks context in conversation.

For me, a robot as a personal assistant doesn’t make as much sense as a robot as a functional companion. A personal assistant seems almost better off cloud based so it can access things like my calendar, emails, photos, etc.

To be a good fit for me a robot should be useful in the physical world. After all that’s the biggest advantage a robot has over personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Buddy’s ability to turn my home into a more interactive surface seems very compelling.


I’m curious how the authors determined the ‘best of X’ description - via actual interaction with the robot in question or just by reading the promotional materials from the company.


Totally agree with @justin perspective here both on what makes a robot and Buddy. Plus, Buddy’s potential to do more than any of the others seems compelling.