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Intelligent IoT



The hypothesis of the author of this particular article, is that “the real opportunity for innovation comes when things are intelligently connected — when the data is fed into an AI-based algorithm for autonomous decision-making and machine learning.”

They have coined the term intelligent IoT to refer to using the data collected from a network of interconnected devices in a machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithm.

Which IoT devices do you have at home that you want to control or already are controlling via your Misty robot? What skills do you plan to write using your Misty robot to leverage IoT devices? How do you plan on incorporating artificial intelligence into those skills? Can you think of any ideas for skills that combine IoT devices & AI that you think your Misty robot is not currently capable of?


As you might imagine, I have quite a few “smart” devices in my home (though, I have even more in boxes at the moment as I await the completion of my “cabin”).

I am super interested in Voice as an interface (if needed) but mostly want my home automation to just be, well, automatic. Walk into the bathroom and the lights turn on. Walk into the same bathroom at 3am and the lights turn on but only 15%.

I’d also like to see lights, thermostats, cameras, and door locks as a part of this. A quick way to gain access to all of those things is through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home or via platforms like SmartThings.


I have so many ideas and IoT gadgets I have to feed into these talks with bits - maybe others will get there before I try it even. Along with having the commercial IoT devices (Google Home, Alexa, Wemo, Hue, SmartThings, etc), I have been hacking together Arduino, beagleboards, raspberry pi, intel edision, and others to get sensor data, activate servo mechanisms and control things with relay switches. Having devices connected to IoT platforms and feeding data into the cloud, developing web services to power Alexa skills, mobile applications and web dashboards that can be implemented into skills for Misty is a big focus for me.

One of my goals is to have Misty help me find stuff through computer vision and object recognition mixed with indoor location. My main floor of the house is where I come and go, getting ready for work, etc. I hang out down in my basement. My plan is to have Misty on the main floor roaming around or waiting to find things for me. Integrate with Google Home or Alexa I can ask Alexa to have Misty find my shoes (I have taken them off in different places and then I am running around looking for them), Hey Google, have Misty find my yellow rain jacket - I get upstair Misty is telling me, your coat is over here where Misty is located, or I did not find it you may have left it downstairs or actually hung it up in the coat closet (I never do, but my wife sometimes moves it there).

– more ideas and objectives to come –


I like the idea of the smart home using a form of fuzzy logic . Turn on bathroom light for you . Turn it on 15% at 3am . Works along the line of turning the volume of the tv down when sensors know it’s 3am and needs to be quiet now , it got turned up to very loud for the movie last night and it would wake the whole house at that volume now . How will Misty adjust to situations like this ? Pick up a toy block at 80% pinch , pick up an egg but don’t crush it ?
What would the parameters be , shake a hand or crush a hand . This is my concern . How to program the difference between a toy puppy and an actual puppy ? Sounds stupid I known