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Integrate Misty with wire-free camera

On Amazon Prime day I got a deal on this Blink XT camera. I like it so far. The neatest part about it for me is that it’s completely wireless…runs on batteries and connects with WiFi. I have it located in a central part of our house where I can see a good deal of our living area. But it would be nice to mount it on Misty and navigate the robot around my house if I wanted to get a more comprehensive view of things while I’m away, etc. I used my 3D printer to make a mountable basket in case we want to put the camera near a bird’s nest or something…similar approach could be taken to easily mount it to Misty.


I think this is an interesting idea, but isn’t this capacity already built in to Misty? I’m referring to her “remote viewing” capabilities.

Hah, yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s been a while since I considered Misty ideas and forgot what comes out of the box. I should update topic title with suffix: (don’t ever bother reading…)

One small caveat: the Blink XT has good night vision…don’t know if the Misty cam does?

Joe, that’s a great idea! Misty is aimed to have the most flexibility & extendability for people to build on. However, since it’s in early stage for Misty, there’s no software support yet on our Computer Vision processor chip to process/consume that data. There’s a possibility of utilizing arduino backpack + camera module, but won’t be able to use for computer vision, probably only streaming data. Misty’s onboard 4k camera, is aimed for object/face detection, but it’s not designed for low light/night vision conditions, the IR cameras on the CV sensor though do capture a grey scale image at night. However, in the future, we will provide support on Misty’s 4k camera streaming/image capture (now it’s only used for computer vision), it’s on our roadmap. Hope it answers your question, and I would recommend you post your idea to feature request on this forum so that it can be escalated to engineering team.