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Inside the Rethink Robotics shutdown

Another day…

the consensus is [Baxter] was the ideal solution for universities.

I strongly disagree with that assertion from the story. At best, it should be qualified with “given options available around the year 2015.”

For example, except in a few special cases, Rethink Robotics only permitted purchasers of the robot to access Gazebo simulation models. That interfered with reproducible research and, in general, access to the platform for education and benchmarking.


I was intrigued that Universal robotics just hit the milestone of 25,000 robots after 13 years…

@slivingston have you toyed with any of the other ‘cobot’ arms? (UR or Kassow?)

no, not yet, but I plan to buy one soon.

More closings: Google is closing its Schaft robotics unit after failing to find a buyer – TechCrunch