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Inquiries about MistyRobotics

Hello i’m part of a study group from Barcelona, and we’re studying Digital Marketing. As part of a project related to our school year, we were to choose a start-up and get to know it fully, in order to present it to the rest of the students, by providing data.

So we have several questions but the main questions are what follows :

  1. How did you come up with the idea surrounding MistyRobotics
  2. Why did you choose online platform as your main pillar for selling your idea
  3. What means do you use to promote your idea on the Internet

As for the optional questions :

  • What kind of market/customer base are you aiming for in the future, aside from developers.
  • How many views/visits do you get on your main website
  • And your conversion rate

Thank you for your time and acknowledging our thread, and if there is any doubt about the questions we asked we’re at your disposal.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your questions @kaiserzrius

The idea for Misty was born inside of Sphero. She was a robot that both founders of Sphero were working on for a while. When it was time to bring her into existence, it was decided it would be better to do that as a new company. Misty Robotics was created.

We are building Misty for software developers and not for the mass market. It is for this reason that we though direct sales via our website made the most sense.

Using digital ads and a website is a cost-effective way to reach this market.

As our Ten Year Plan lays out, we think that once developers help to build the skills to make multi-purpose, platform robots super useful, consumers will want them, businesses will want them, everybody will want them. They will be in every office, home, and school.

As a startup, we tend not to provide this level of detail into our operations, yet. We do however see spikes and valleys as we come into and out of big news cycles around product announcements and launches and we see conversions vary across traffic types (organic and paid).

Good luck!