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Important information about Misty's 4.17.2019 system update


Update: This update will be postponed until the week of April 14th.

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Misty is scheduled to receive her next system update on Tuesday, April 9th. This update will change several of Misty’s REST API endpoints and on-robot JavaScript method names to more accurately reflect the architecture and functionality of Misty’s API. After Misty updates, if your code uses the old version of an endpoint or method name that has changed, you will need to update your code before it will work with Misty’s system.

We’re putting together some resources we hope will make the transition easier, including a side-by-side comparison of the old and new endpoints and method names. We plan to post these to the Community Forums next Tuesday, April 2nd, so you’ll have a bit of time to review the changes before the update is available.

We’ll be doing a bit of internal cleanup to bring the sample code, skills, documentation, and tutorials we’ve hosted on GitHub and elsewhere up-to-speed. Let us know if we miss something - we’ll reward those who find issues and bring them to our attention!

While this update will affect all Misty I and most Misty II prototypes, a small batch of very early Misty II prototypes will not be receiving this update. We’ll be reaching out to the developers who have these robots separately to share versions of Misty’s API Explorer and Skill Runner that can be run locally and work with Misty’s current software.

Please respond below with any questions or comments :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to these changes. They are a long time coming!


A few updates:

First, we’ve chosen to postpone this system update until the week of April 14th. We’re taking this extra time to squash more bugs and ensure all of Misty’s tools work with the forthcoming changes to Misty’s API.

Second, we’ve prepared some resources to make it easier for you to update your skills.

  • Click here to download a PDF that provides a side-by-side comparison of Misty’s current API commands and the changes planned for her April release. Note that REST API endpoints and JavaScript methods not included on this list are not changing with the next system update.

  • Visit this GitHub repository for a Python script to automate the process of updating code you’ve written for Misty’s on-robot JavaScript API. When run, this script copies your .js skill files, updates the commands, and creates new files with the name updated_<skill>.js. Note that this script is not required to update your skills, but it may help if you have many JavaScript code files to update. Follow these steps to use the script:

    1. Make sure you have Python installed on your computer.
    2. Download or clone the SkillUpdater repo.
    3. Place a copy of the file in the same directory as the .js skill files you’d like to update.
    4. Run the script.

Please comment with questions about any of the above!

Edit 04.09.2019 - updated PDF

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4.17.19 Release Notes