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Implementing a 3rd party SLAM with misty

I am interested in trying to use either gmapping or ORB SLAM instead of the built in mapping. For the project that I’ve been working on I’ve just been using the built in mapping, but I am starting to consider using something else. I haven’t dug too deep yet but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this or has an idea how you could get the necessary data from the rgb-d camera. I read this article below that gave me a little bit of an idea, but the part that I’m not sure about is the second bullet point “Route data from the Structure Core depth sensor in Misty’s visor to a ROS mapping node to create maps”. So far I haven’t figured out how to directly access data, I’ve only been using what is available through the sdk.

If anyone has experience with this or could point me in the right direction, let me know. Thanks!

There have been projects to try other mapping solutions on Misty but they are all using external hardware (eg. Realsense mounted on Misty + Nvidia backpack for compute). That’s going to be the MUCH easier route. If a hacked on solution works really well we could help to integrate it into Misty

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