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Idea: Build a visualization dashboard with Processing

I’ve bee reading a bit about Processing and was struck with one project in particular: City Flows

It got me thinking what types of slick visualizations might be possible through the streaming sensors available on misty? I found a few basic tutorials on how to utilize graphs and create interactive JS pages. I’m kind of excited to dig a little deeper into this tool and see what might be possible.

Has anyone else used processing in the past? Want to collaborate on something with Misty?

I’m a big fan of Processing! What I’ve created in the past doesn’t cut quite as deep as some of the amazing projects that exist around it, but it’s simple enough to get started with and I think the possibilities are pretty much endless. Definitely interested in working on something that adds Misty to the mix, whatever that might be!

Awesome @apt! What have you built in the past?

I found a few interesting libraries worth exploring, have not had any time to dig through them yet.