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I found Misty's arm


@station This reminded me of another Disney Research project that I’ve always wanted to do something with:


yeah that was a pretty cool way to do non-wearable “haptics”, makes me wonder if we could add a haptic system to Misty, then she could “puuurr”

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My view is there is a lot of promise in soft robotics.

Very nice arm. There are some other alternative ‘arm’ prosthetic devices:
- A lot on thingverse.
I did get a 3D printer and am just starting on that now. (And already had to replace one extruder … oops :slight_smile: ). e-Nable has some tried/true hand designs ( focused on prosthetics and the reason I got this 3D printer).

For haptics I have been building up my supply of various sensors including bend/flex, pulse, gyro’s/accelerometer/magnetometer/temperature mixed sensors. (more in the range of observing how a stuffed animal is treated and respond). And the ‘purr’ feeling feed back is pretty easy in the sense of a pager motor(s) for a vibration (cheap, low power and gentle but perhaps on the Cat-form of Misty with legs and perhaps with the above tail-like-prosthetic).


Another interesting article about robot arms / grippers, this one with Origami-like (accordion-like) hanging down from a drone. What attracted me was the load information and/or strength captured in the joints.

In the short term, I want to get one of these arms attached to a Misty:

For one, they are fairly affordable, and they are fairly capable/sturdy.