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How would you describe hardware and software development activities at Misty?


Without giving away trade secrets, would it be possible for you to describe your hardware and software development activities? I would like to better understand what it means when someone responds on a slack channel that they’ll “check with the developers and get back to you on that”. Are the developers down the hall, across town or on the other side of the world? Is the development organization six guys in a garage or 120 folks in a leased building?

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@miker to answer your question (as I think it comes from a few of my own responses :smiley: ). Our team is based entirely in the US and is broken into multiple disciplines (mechanical, electrical, mechatronic, FA/QA, software, firmware, etc) sized as a typical hardware startup would be (i.e. more than a dozen, less than 50). We do have a sizable office in Boulder, Colorado where we host hackathons and workshops. Depending on the question, the ‘let me check with the developers’ is about confirming the information with the most recent build for Misty AND confirming with our busy engineers that our understanding is correct or if it will be changing in future releases (we are actively building robots!)


@miker Also worth noting is that a number of us doing support are not in the Boulder office frequently. Some of us are remote (including me), although still in the U.S. We can and do reach out to our developers right away, but they are busy with development, so responses are often not immediate for a more in-depth question. It is definitely possible to visit our offices, as Chris notes, as we do have hackathons and workshops right there. It really gives you a feel for the place, so I highly recommend it if possible! :slight_smile:


Thank you all for sharing. I noticed that the organization is described as a hardware startup with a group that works on firmware. Does the omission of any software groups indicate that there are none?


Ha, there are definitely quite a few software folks, too. From junior to senior, covering operating system, middleware, devops, personality, developer SDK, quality assurance, mobile app, perception, test, companion app, etc.

Here’s a post I did on two of our junior software engineers:


@miker, we’re building a platform. The robot is a major part of it but platforms require hardware and software engineers, so, as Donna mentioned we have many of both. My team is eager to answer your questions it seems :slight_smile:


All of the people in the Misty team who I have had contact with have been quick to pickup any question I have, diligent in finding an answer and thorough with their response.


Thank you. That makes a lot more sense now. Are you planning another Medium article spotlighting some of the senior software people?


Thank you! I’m planning a whole bunch of 'em about pretty much everyone. It’s just a matter of my finding the time, and right now my limited blog hours are going to building up the “Robot Development Platforms” series on frameworks, architectures, devices, SDKs, etc. <-- Shameless plug :slight_smile: