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Misty Community Forum

How to Use the Wishlist

The Wishlist is for requests that are either not on the Roadmap already, or requests that we’re researching before trying to implement.

Add as much detail as you can around why you are requesting this feature, what you plan on using it for, etc. because this will help us prioritize where we focus our efforts. You can also vote on other people’s ideas already submitted. Once a request is actively being worked on, we’ll relocate it from the Wishlist into the Roadmap and tag it as Active (see below for tag definitions). And, this is best way to report bugs.

We plan to update the status with locked tags so that you know where your request is in the pipeline. The tags we’ll be using are:

  • Planned - On the roadmap and prioritized, but not actively being worked on.
  • Active - We are actively working on it.
  • Released - Has already been released, check the Release page for further details.
  • Not Planned - While great ideas, more than likely these features won’t make it onto the roadmap for some time. These requests will not be considered for Misty II.