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Misty Community Forum

How to pack Misty for travel or shipping

Please follow the instructions below to safely pack Misty for travel.

  1. Pack Misty into her original carrying case.

  2. Make sure to include all of Misty’s accessories (unless otherwise specified): Power cord, Block stand, Charging base and cord, Backpack

  3. Position all items securely in Misty’s case. Make sure the case is not being forced closed. It should close with the lightest of touches.

  4. Misty’s case is not a shipping box. Neither Misty nor the box will survive. Place the carrying case inside a box to maintain the integrity of the case during shipping. Make sure the case fits securely in the box, use bubble pack filler for a tight fit if you do not have the original box.

  5. *If returning to Misty for return/replacement, ensure you have been issued a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) from Misty Support. Address the box, including RMA number on the shipping label . If there is not an RMA number, shipment will be returned to sender. Tape box securely.

  6. Insure Misty and track her voyage.