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How to clean Misty's tread

Our library got a misty and we are wondering if anyone has a good way to clean its thread when needed?

I believe once we launched the Misty service at the library, there might be a need for that.

Palo Alto City Library

Hi @fishbb! Welcome to the Misty community!

First, I’m guessing you mean ‘tread’ or ‘tracks’? If that’s true, cleaning them is pretty simple, here is a video on how to replace the treads. One thing to note is you should be able to do most of the cleaning without removing the ‘Track Outer Support’ (Around 0:47 in the video).

Now if you meant ‘clean Misty’s thread’ indicating software, a simple power cycle would stop all running skills, or you can use the Skill Runner to ‘Stop All Skills’

Let us know if that helps!

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@Chris, you got my misspelling :laughing: Thank you for pointing me to the youtube video, that’s exactly what we needed!

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