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How does Misty II make Mapping & Navigation info available to developers?

The Misty II Feature Breakdown: Mapping and Navigation U-Tube says Misty II “makes the Mapping & Navigation information available to developers”

How is it accessed?
What is available?
And in what form, is it available?

Hey, @piikoicoder! Misty uses the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor in her visor for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). When she creates a map, Misty generates a three-dimensional mesh of the area, and then converts this mesh to a two-dimensional “occupancy grid” – a matrix of values where each value describes whether a particular section of the map is occupied, covered, open, or unexplored.

You can create a map programmatically, get the occupancy grid for an existing map, and track within a map using the movement navigation commands in Misty’s REST or JavaScript API. Right now, the easiest way to create a map (and to track within that map) is to use the Navigation Module in Misty’s web based Command Center. You can read more about the Navigation Module in Misty’s developer documentation.

(And apologies for the very delayed response - we must have missed this earlier in the year!)