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How do I add credit in a post to people who helped me answer my questions?


With thanks to @johnathan for the answer:

Type ‘@’. Then start typing the name.

It should pop up a drop down with a list of all Members. Pick the one you want.

hmmm … is a pup-up drop-down an oxymoron? (I know you shouldn’t ask two questions in one post, so don’t answer that.)


information about simple actions on Discourse is presented at Discourse New User Guide - faq - Discourse Meta

e.g., it addresses your previous questions concerning formatting ( and referencing users (

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Thank you for both. Am working my way through them.

Although I have stumbled across the fact that there is a “GitHub-Flavor” Markdown, as well as the Markdown Discourse supports.

For anyone who follows, there is another post dedicated to Markdown and HTML on Discourse. As long as it stays editable, I’m going to accumulate all comments and sources members offer in that post.