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How can I send an image to an external server?

Hi, Misty community!
I want to take a picture from Misty and send it to a external server, so it could be sent in Base64, but I’m not sure how to apply it with misty.SendExternalRequest(), I mean, which parameter should contain the Base64.

In the JS API method SendExternalRequest, you can send body text in the arguments parameter. For example,

    '{"data": "here"}'

causes the JSON data {"data": "here"} to be sent as an HTTP POST request to

@slivingston, thanks for answering.
So for example, if I want to send an image to an external server, inside of “here”, would I put the Base64 dada?

The correct place to put the base64 text depends on the API of that external server. For example, it could go inside of “here”.

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Got it. Thank you very much!