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"hey misty" not working after AV Streaming Service is running


I have a C# program that turns on the AV Streaming. After the AV Streaming Service is running and I can see the video stream using the VLC Media Player then the “hey misty” no longer works in the C# program.

Should it still work after AV streaming is running or is it disabled?

private async void TurnONAVStreaming()
await _misty.EnableAvStreamingServiceAsync();
StartAvStreamingParameters avStreamingParameters = new StartAvStreamingParameters();
avStreamingParameters.Url = “rtspd:1935”;
avStreamingParameters.Height = 480;
avStreamingParameters.Width = 640;
await _misty.StartAvStreamingAsync(avStreamingParameters);
_misty.ChangeLED(0, 255, 0, OnResponse); // Green

Microphones are in use for AV streaming, so no you can’t use them for something else.

ok - I will just touch Misty’s head to turn off the AV streaming - thanks.