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Head pitch origin point is not zeroed causing head to max lookup upon power up

Randomly, the head pitch shot up without any notice. Now, the head will randomly reset its 0 origin point to the max of -40.

When on the command center the position is set to the furthest possible point to look down. (The circle is positioned under the Misty head.) At this pattern, the head will return the pitch value of 0 degrees.

I am not sure what caused this given I have not made any vast adjustments to the concierge Javascript code. Nor, was there any issue running the code over the last month or so. Not sure if anyone else has encountered such an issue, if so is there any way to reset the motor origin? Is this a known issue?

(just to note: misty.MoveHead(0,0,0,…) results in the head looking up and misty.MoveHeadDegrees() hasn’t been tested as of yet but based on the command center I am not positive that will help either).

Hi @JSasser, thanks for reaching out about this issue. Would you mind pulling the logs from your robot and emailing those to support@mistyrobotics.com?