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Has the misty crew stopped supporting existing customers for another project?


I don’t like to complain, but it seems that all work on misty has stopped, so they can work on temperature.mistyrobotics.com.

If this is true, when will they be returning to fix problems with the current version of Misty.

We have all paid alot for misty and i would love to move forward with it. I think the concept is a great initiative. Very excited to proceed and would like to see the company grow. But in my 30 yrs programming experience, you need to keep users moving forward as well as develop new ideas.


Hi @wlaubach64,

While we are devoting a good amount of energy to the Temp Screening Assistant, we are still working on the core platform. In fact there is a new software release coming up tentatively next week. I don’t want to break the surprise of what’s in it… but I am sure you will like it… :eye: Stay tuned!

And point taken, we will keep the community support forum more active!
Thank you for the feedback,
CP [• •]