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Hardware Heartbeat Failures

Developing this morning with Misty II when suddenly calls for Misty to turn via the REST API drive command made Misty turn at a very fast velocity. I’ve run into this before and usually just restarting Misty solves the issue.

Today I tried restarting 7 or 8 times to try and get things back to normal until just giving up and turning it off. Most restarts showed a “communication error” followed by a “Hardware heartbeat failures” message on the visor, others restarts would have Misty not moving in any direction other than backwards. After giving up, I turned off Misty for a few hours and then tried again. Same issue unfortunately.

Can you help?

Hi @michaelrod - thanks for this note. We will look into this. Could you please send your log files in to

Thanks, Ben. Just sent off a to Bryan. :slight_smile:

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I had Misty turned off and charging most of the day yesterday and all night after I ran into the issue. When I powered her up this morning, the error was gone and she’s back to normal. Just like the last issue I had with the ToF sensors acting up, this one seems to have gone away just by letting Misty sleep for an extended period. Looks like she was just worn out. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Spoke to soon…just a few minutes into development time and she’s back to the scary rapid turns that happened just before the “Hardware heartbeat failure” error reared it’s head last time. :frowning:

Thanks for keeping us posted @michaelrod! We’re working on a solution for you!

Currently, this bug has been hard to isolate as you yourself have encountered, it pops up at seemingly random times. Out of curiosity, Are you able to get your robot to respond long enough to get it’s charge level?

Are you using the base station to charge or are you plugged in directly?

Thanks and I’ll be back with more soon!

Thanks @Chris …yeah, usually the message comes and goes on the visor, but I can still get info like charge level. Sometimes I can restart Misty and move things like the head and arms via the Command Center for a bit before the message pops up.

Something I noticed is that I hadn’t seen this error message until I started using the drive/time command via the REST API (e.g. fetchClient.PostCommand("drive/time",data); ). For example, this morning after turning on Misty, she was responding normally for a bit until I ran the portion of my code that had those drive/time calls. Maybe it was just coincidence, but I feel like there’s a connection there somewhere.