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Misty Community Forum

Happy 1 Year Misty Community Members!

The Misty Community Forums turned 1! Thank you to everyone for helping us make these humble forums a place to chat about Misty, Robotics, and everything in between.

Let’s make the next year even more fun, engaging, and beneficial as we create wonderful things together :robot::tada:


  • The Misty Engagement Team

I think you mean 2, no? My account seems to have been created Nov '17 and there are some from Oct '17

@Vlad you are halfway correct. Initially the forums were private and were open only to some of our earliest users (You remember the WOZ robots, right?). We made them public around the end of 2018, which for roughly 92 of our users means we’ve been active for 1 year!

Ah, makes sense :slight_smile: