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Giving Robots Personality


I have always worked with personality and behavioural algorithms for compatibility and environmental communication with others.

Wouldn’t it be neet to have the robot create user profiles for everyone it meets… And over time through conversation and questions… Have the robot determine the personality type of the human… So that it can adapt it’s own personality type… One that is most compatible to that person, but without mirroring that person’s behaviours.

I think we should give robots real personalities from the teachings of Carl Jung himself.


I thought of another skill that can be programmed into Misty. What about a sort of person to robot communication game… A sort of ‘you ask a question’, ‘you/robot predict/randomize an answer’, and a ‘correct prediction reward is then attained’ which would ultimately validate a winner that can be profiled based on their responses. Maybe the robot wins or maybe the human wins… Or maybe the robot analyzes multiple humans playing each other… Where the robot would contain the rules of play and be able to determine winners during game play.