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GetAudioFile is acting funny

Hi there,

I have a funny problem with GetAudioFile. After I recorded a file called “AriaTest.wav”, I could see it from GetAudioList and played it using play audio. However, I could not use GetAudioFile to help me to download it. The error was “Could not find the audio file ‘AriaTest.wav’”. This problem neither occurred to systemAsset nor to the temporary recordings from StartKeyPhraseRecognition but only occurred with my own audio recording.

This problem may be replicated using both Command Center and API Explorer.

Would someone help me please?

Many thanks.

Best regards,

I am able to reproduce the error that you describe. I am searching for solutions now.

Many thanks. Please keep me posted.

Best regards,

I discovered that the recorded file can be downloaded after reboot.

Now I am searching for a solution that does not require reboot.