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Future Skill: Hide and Seek

I’ve been thinking about different games that a home robot could play, and a Misty-fied version of Hide and Seek seems like a good candidate. I imagine you could use the REST APIs for face training to create a graphic interface for teaching Misty to recognize who she is supposed to find before the game starts, and to invoke the skill that runs on Misty to start her searching for those people when ready. Then you’d use some variation of a “Wander”-type skill to have Misty roam around and look for those faces.

With the current API, you might be able to build some rudimentary hiding behaviors, so that Misty’s not always the “seeker”. The occupancy grid that Misty generates indicates “covered” spaces – you might start by coding Misty to seek those out and hide underneath end tables, chairs, or other pieces of furniture she can fit under.

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