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Future Skill: Go Grease Lightning Skill

Name: Go Grease Lightning Skill
Purpose: If you have a child who is afraid of storms, Misty can act as both a distraction and as a way to re-frame storms in their mind as something that isn’t scary but fun.

Sensor: Lightning Detector like the Qwiic AS3935 Lightning Detector (Note: It works indoors.)
Input: Lightning detected within 10 miles
Output: Misty’s eyes show rain, her speakers begin playing “Grease Lightning”, and she dances around for a set period of time. You could add a whole list of fun, weather-related songs if necessary!

TLDR: :zap::pleading_face::robot::notes::man_dancing:t2::partying_face:


Interesting one. But for me to do the opposite for when I have my kids stay!! I’m thinking yes to the lightning sensor but also have it play a song by Amon Amarth “Crack the Sky” whilst cycling my Phillips HUE between different shades of blue & white. Damn, I might have to make it for myself and see if I can have Misty do things according to noise as well…:rofl:

@sean.audley, even though it sounds a bit scary (:eyes:) on behalf of all of us, please do this asap and film it so we can see.

Also, if you do, may I suggest other potential skill names for this one? Perhaps…

  • Future Skill: Misty Berserker Skill
  • Future Skill: Misty Headbanger Skill
  • Future Skill: Misty Concert Skill
  • Future Skill: Misty :skull_and_crossbones: Skill

Misty getting down to Amon Amarth sounds like a Misty Dance-Off submission to me :wink:

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@johnathan , 2 or 3 mist units in unison as a shield wall! Now that would be a dance! :wink: