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Future Skill: Elder Care: Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening

I am sure somebody smarter than me can take this and run with it (or put it to bed) - but keeping it real simple:

Worried about your parents and want to know they are ok without bothering them - dont want to nag them with a phone call all the time? No problem. Misty II touches base with your loved one - three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) with a simple greeting. If your loved one does not respond back in kind - you are notified via text (and then should probably call).

For example:
-Good morning Alice.
-Good morning Misty.
No Action Required

-Good evening Alice.
-No Response.
Misty sends you a text that your mother did not reply (time to call).
And while she is at it - takes a photo or video of your mother and sends it to you


Easy enough to do assuming misty is sat right in front of them, otherwise you’d have to integrate the wander skill with finding a face, then identifying the face and if said parent/s take a picture (without the flash in the morning, flash in the evening, etc unless you’ve got a light detector in Misty’s backpack to self determine if a flash is needed or not…). You could always use face tracking and play the “good morning alice” sound and hope she looks at the cam and get that even better picture!.

Using something like Imgur to quickly store the image and give you an address, message back.

There are many things you could do with this in elder care and take further.

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