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Future Skill: Elder Care: Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening

I am sure somebody smarter than me can take this and run with it (or put it to bed) - but keeping it real simple:

Worried about your parents and want to know they are ok without bothering them - dont want to nag them with a phone call all the time? No problem. Misty II touches base with your loved one - three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) with a simple greeting. If your loved one does not respond back in kind - you are notified via text (and then should probably call).

For example:
-Good morning Alice.
-Good morning Misty.
No Action Required

-Good evening Alice.
-No Response.
Misty sends you a text that your mother did not reply (time to call).
And while she is at it - takes a photo or video of your mother and sends it to you