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Full inspection?


I just dropped off my Misty this morning to get the hardware upgrades you guys have planned. Very exciting!

While you have him (Grays), can you please do a full inspection and run him through all the tests?

For the last several weeks I’ve still be experiencing issues with the Locomotion and LED functionality not working. I initially reported this issue here:

With some random tinkering on my part the locomotion would start working again. However, if I leave Misty sit for a few days and then come back to play, the locomotion is gone again. Each time it takes a few hours of random tinkering and pure luck and then locomotion will work again. It seems like a hardware issue from my very limited knowledge. Anyway, it makes it hard to get any momentum going in terms of development when I have to start back at square 1 (or negative 1 really) each time.

So while you have him, if you have a chance to check out the locomotion hardware / connections that would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks, @cameron! @Daria can you be sure this (and all) robots get a full diagnostic and especially be on the lookout for these issues as described?


@cameron @Ben Absolutely! I’ll talk to the engineering today and will keep you posted!


Hi @cameron - It appears that the LED and locomotion issues you experienced were due to interference on the wiring harness that is supposed to be fixed by the hardware upgrade we’re performing this week.


Awesome! Thanks for having the team investigate!


I’ve only been playing with my newly upgraded Misty for about 20 minutes, but it seems WAY MORE STABLE now! Locomotion and LED commands work consistently. Thanks Misty Team - this is awesome!