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From Review of API Docs - no current access to HD camera video stream currently?

I have some great ideas for computer vision with Misty, was wondering if in the roadmap is the ability to access the video stream, would be sweet to have mms:// or rtsp:// supported to access the data stream. Just curious - I ask this knowing there is a lot to do


It’s on our roadmap but not in the shortrun. The eventual plan is to give access to both the high res color camera and the depth data.

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Thank you Vlad, I figured it would be at some point - but I am sure you guys have a lot of great ideas on the roadmap.

Yup. To that point, we are preparing a roadmap to share with everyone as we believe it is important that all of our developers get to see and share in this planning. We may find out there are things we are planning that aren’t that interesting to people and there will certainly be things that are unexpected but the community would really like. We’ll share that here in the community when we get it ready.

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Not knowing what you can share and realize that some things may not even have specifications that are even ready. If it is possible to share how the video streaming is going to be or likely to be exposed - I have some devices and webcams that I could use in order to prepare for some computer vision ideas for Misty, I am currently working with some different APIs and TensorFlow with some images and videos for doing some object classification and auto-tagging.

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Access to camera, image retrieval and video stream
As well as microphone and audio stream.

These two areas are required for most of my skill development interests.
The AI/DL - face verification, gesture recognition, voice/NLP, and object detection.

Do we have any hints at how to get this to work even a single photo and copy back?
Camera is connected to the side board. From the Companion App it lists /Sensors/ComputerVision. I do not see anything when I ssh onto the MS Windows
nor how to connect from Misty to Android, or access that Camera.

If I can take a photo and copy it, I can automate it in a Python or Javascript API and
add that to the functions. Then we can build skills on top of that.

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Totally. We want to get there for sure. It is just one of the things we haven’t gotten to yet. We believe that we can add these things in with upcoming software updates.

I like the idea of giving Misty the capability of generating a photo gallery. I ran across another robot that had this built in. It’s somewhere in this CNet survery. The url is:

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