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Follow the trends in smart assistants and utilize Misty's differentiators

This category seems it should be core to the developer community. I hope it sees lots of topics and ideas.

I don’t know if I’ll develop a killer app for Misty, but I have some thoughts as to what I might consider in such an app… As a consumer, I represent a certain profile in that market: I’m a home owner (co-head of household) with a family (younger children) and a busy schedule…

At home I have a small fleet of Alexa-enabled devices. I started with one and since it provided value to me, I bought more. These types of devices typically provide value in that they offer us convenience, help us be more organized and productive, and can even provide peace of mind. I think a killer app from Misty could follow this pattern, but it would make sense if the app leveraged some of Misty’s differentiating capabilities (features lacking in devices like the Amazon Echo line or Google Home). Compare to most other home assistant devices, Misty has some advantages:

  • It’s mobile (probably the biggest fundamental differentiator)
  • It seems to be able to leverage recognition more than other home assistants (correct?)
  • If there are apps that are certified to keep data on the robot (instead of using it in a web service call), users can be more comfortable about privacy where this concern is relevant. This aspect might be a bit sticky but it could be important for some use cases…

So the scope of my killer app might start with some example use cases:

  • Using a template in the app, I indicate the time and tasks for nightly house inspection: make sure certain doors are locked, make sure the stove/oven/lights are off. Alert me with selected sound(s) if there is an exception…
  • I’m awaiting somebody’s arrival. Play watchdog for me at the location I indicate (driveway, front door). If you hear/see something, notify me via sound or mobile text/call…
  • While on vacation or away from the house, I want to check on things using the remote control of Misty. From the app, I may use directional controls or indicate a destination by clicking a point in the house in my map.
  • Alert me of noise or visual events when I’m out of the house. Message may include a photo of visual exception/event.
  • Support smart notifications: for example, it’s 8am on a weekday and it recognizes that some people who are still in the house should be headed to the bus stop right now…

I stayed away from use cases that don’t leverage Misty’s differentiating capabilities over the other assistants but there are many such use cases (Misty integrates with outdoor smart camera, notifies me on app of known visitor while I’m on vacation and opens the electric garage door upon my direction…).

btw, what a great milestone it will be for consumer robotics like Misty when they support the mechanics capable of turning on/off lights or the oven, locking/unlocking doors, feeding the fish…

Fun times ahead for software and robotics.


@Joe couldn’t agree more this is a great category. One of the greatest joys of the last several months has been the inventiveness of so many people - including your ideas. We did some work internally and asked ourselves:

  • what humans do other humans employ (indicating value). Granted, some of those paying humans are wealthy enough to employ a human for some tasks. Eg Butler, maid, nanny, nurse (home) and greeter, inventory counter, security guard (office)
  • for those employed humans, what tasks were they asked to do
  • for those tasks, which of them did NOT require hands.

We concluded there are hundreds of these tasks - you have outlined several.

A few of my favorites:

  • meet the “Comcast” worker (insert your telco provider here) at front door, observe the work, get you on the screen remotely if required and see the person out
  • see whether the kids did their chores after work and, if not, bug them (or shut off internet, or TV) until chores done…

Lastly - won’t that be an amazing day when, for a consumer price point, our robots have useful “hands”? Indeed!