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Feedback from our work session


This is Will Tuck and Cooper Anderson here,

We had a lot of fun using Misty today, but in the interest of improving the robot we have some feedback and bugs we would like to report.

We were tasked with driving misty forward until it got data from time of flight sensors. We encountered a problem with being unable to unsubscribe from time of flight. Next we realized that we cannot use the time of flight through the API as it is not listed on the website. Also the values of linear velocity and angular velocity were far too low as posted on the website. The website says -1.222 - 1.042 were the appropriate values, but we found that we needed to set linear velocity to 90 to have it go at a reasonable speed. The same problem is present with angular velocity. We also encountered some hardware issues. Our right front wheel was rubbing the piece of plastic protecting it therefore making the robot turn right. Our battery was also causing some problems in regards to life time. It seemed to only last for 15 minutes.


Thanks very much for taking the time to post this, Will and Cooper!

I’ll be looking into the documentation issues today and will report back with what I find out about the proper velocity values and what is possible at the moment regarding using the API to subscribe to time of flight data.

Thanks again!


Hi Will and Cooper,

I’ve confirmed that values from -100% to 100% should work for your Misty for velocity. Thanks for reporting the doc issue. It should be fixed in the next day.

Also, at this point, I’m sorry to say that there isn’t an API to (un)subscribe to time of flight data. We are putting together some documentation on what to do instead, but for the time being we recommend looking at the code used in the API Explorer for time of flight. You can select “Subscribe to Time of Flight” and view the code from your browser’s JavaScript console.

Please don’t hesitate to speak up if you have other issues. I’m confirming that the issue with the plastic rubbing the wheel has been reported.



Nice work on the feedback Will and Cooper; very helpful. Keep up the great work!


Hi Cooper and Will,

I’ve uploaded some JavaScript and HTML that demonstrates how to subscribe/unsubscribe to time-of-flight sensor data:

Please let us know if this is helpful. Thanks so much!


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