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Feature Breakdown: Mapping & Navigation (Video)

Check out our newest Misty II video:


Just something to think about…
I would like to consider the cameras as not just for mapping/navigation, but also could be
used for other purposes/skills once we have access to the streams of the video. The IR camera’s can give a idea of the temperatures to determine concerns:
- Fire, wall, door temperature
- Person’s temperatures give insight in emotion, comfort level/illness concern
- If a oven or stove is on
- gesture recognition for ‘controls’, and for learned understanding of the mood of individual

Just some thoughts…

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Second, those are near IR cameras not long-wave IR (aka thermal).

Nice thoughts @markwdalton
A couple others came to mind after watching the video:

  • water recognition (ie. alerting to spillage and/or avoiding wet areas)
  • weather recognition (able to look out a window and detect rain, snow, sunshine, clouds etc)
  • text recognition (able to read signs to either take as instructions/commands or just to save for reference…and/or capability to present Misty with a document with text on it, recognise the text and automatically file in the cloud in folders you determine either as a scan or as editable text etc - this would make Misty an invaluable office assistance with the employee showing Misty a document and then this automatically being shared in a shared docs docs for other team members etc).
  • ability to watch a screen like a tv and to take commands such as “who is this actor?” to run a scan and search for the answer.
  • light recognition to alert if a light has been left on etc
  • ability to revisit an area and tell if something has been moved from its previously logged position (could also be used to identify and find lost or misplaced items if Misty recognises an item that wasn’t previously on the chair for example, as an indicator that this could be the item you’re looking for).
  • image projection to allow for Misty to connect via airplay for example and project text, images, video onto a wall (imagine calling Misty to FaceTime or Skype your parents and projecting it onto a wall to speak to them OR to play my image folder “vacations 2018” to see a rolling slideshow of images projected OR play BBC headline news video OR show me how to get from work to home in google maps) - maybe more for a hardware extension capability BUT it would be cool to see projection capabilities built in if it’s too late to include.

Will keep thinking of other scenarios but enough food for thought for now at least.
Let me know if you want me to post any of these on the feature roadmap.


Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas, @MTO013! We want you – and all our developers – to post ALL of your ideas on the roadmap. Every time.

In most of tech, product development happens from the top down – a limited number of people make decisions about product use cases before the product even touches the hands of developers or users. We want to do things differently. We believe that every great platform of the past has gotten that way because – eventually – developers and users ran with it and shaped it, not because someone inside the company was able to make some perfect guesses.

Learning from the past, we are aiming to achieve that creative synergy as soon as possible. So… each and every one of your ideas is invaluable to us. Please share them on the roadmap, as that’s the best way to ensure they are tracked and seen by all the right folks. We want to build Misty to support your creativity. And THANK YOU!


Thanks @Donna.
I’ve gone ahead and submitted these in the Product Board Portal.
Fingers crossed I see some of them appear under the “Community Ideas” tab.

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This discussion also got me thinking about the following: Misty Millennial Office Assistant
Would be great to see what the community think about the scalability, applicability and usefulness of a Misty for Corporates.